Asada 2D Game Engine

2D Webgl engine

We had started to develop Asada Engine as a joke, but now its one of the main engines that power the smoked games, it is strong and flexible, you can see it working at page's top (Sorry for audio autoplay), or you can interact with it in this Progresive Web App here

About demo

  • A - D: Move big minion
  • SZXC: Move small minion
  • F: Screen-shake

It's open-source you can contribute or follow any updates at GitHub


  • Sprites
  • Animated sprites
  • Fonts
  • Lights (Spot, Directional, Point)
  • Tiled maps
  • Layer system
  • Audio support
  • Touch and gamepads support
  • Cameras
  • Scenes
  • Particle system
  • 2D Physics (Matterjs)
  • File loader
  • Default resources included